Journey is a performance marketing team of bright minds across Norway and Sweden. We’re creative, data-driven, results-focused and on a mission to help you grow.

Erling Løken Andersen, CEO & Senior Advisor Erling Løken Andersen CEO & Senior Advisor
Fredrik Viktorsson, CEO & Senior Advisor Fredrik Viktorsson CEO & Senior Advisor
Malin Maarud, COO Norway Malin Maarud COO Norway
Emilia NiIsson, COO & Senior Advisor Emilia NiIsson COO & Senior Advisor
Kristian Kjærnes, Operations Manager & SEO Strategist Kristian Kjærnes Operations Manager & SEO Strategist
Petter Høie, Chief Commercial Officer Petter Høie Chief Commercial Officer
Tormod Olsen, Head of Business Development Tormod Olsen Head of Business Development
Markus Fasting, Partner & Business Developer Markus Fasting Partner & Business Developer
Svein Stormyr, Sales Manager Svein Stormyr Sales Manager
Jonatan Killingstad, Account Manager Jonatan Killingstad Account Manager
Fredrik Bjanes Hagnes, Digital Marketing Advisor Fredrik Bjanes Hagnes Account Manager
Christian Westby, Digital Marketing Advisor Christian Westby Digital Marketing Advisor
Håvard Zahl, Digital Marketing Advisor Håvard Zahl Digital Marketing Advisor
Customer experience
Ida Pernille Christensen, CXM & Content Advisor Ida Pernille Christensen CXM & Content Advisor
Anders Wiig Letnes, CXM & Content Advisor Anders Wiig Letnes CXM & Content Advisor
Ola Ødegaard, CXM & Content Advisor Ola Ødegaard CXM & Content Advisor
Paid media
Joakim Braastad, Head of Paid Norway Joakim Braastad Head of Paid Norway
Ludvig Wingårdh, Product Lead Paid Media Ludvig Wingårdh Product Lead Paid Media
Sonia Baklouti, Paid Media Strategist Sonia Baklouti Paid Media Strategist
Janni Glifberg, Paid Media Specialist Janni Glifberg Paid Media Strategist
Andreas Melsom Vaa, Paid Media Specialist Andreas Melsom Vaa Paid Media Specialist
Fridtjof Dahl, Paid Media Specialist Fridtjof Dahl Paid Media Specialist
Emmy Torstensson, Paid Media Specialist Emmy Torstensson Paid Media Specialist
Arvind Kaur, Paid Marketing Intern Arvind Kaur Digital Marketing Intern
SEO & Content
Christina Andersen, Head of SEO & Content Norway Christina Andersen Head of SEO & Content Norway
Mikaela Karlsson, Team lead SEO & Paid Media Mikaela Karlsson Team lead SEO & Paid Media
Erik Kjellgard, Digital Analyst Erik Kjellgard Digital Analyst
Caroline Hansson, Product Lead SEO Caroline Hansson Product Lead SEO
Louise Silseth Aarø, SEO Specialist Louise Silseth Aarø SEO Specialist
Sara Warneryd, SEO Specialist Sara Warneryd SEO Specialist
Kazem T. Kadhum, SEO Specialist Kazem T. Kadhum SEO Specialist
Jessica Ståhl, SEO Specialist Jessica Ståhl SEO Specialist
Julie C. Meyer, Content Advisor Julie C. Meyer Content Advisor
Caroline Andrea Furu, Content Advisor Caroline Andrea Furu Content Advisor
Elin Helgesen, Content Advisor Elin Helgesen Content Advisor
Sara Ollendorff, Content Advisor Sara Ollendorff Content Advisor
Andrea Vårdal, Content Advisor Andrea Vårdal Content Advisor
Erik Bjørdal, Content Advisor Erik Bjørdal Senior Content Advisor
Stian Ellingsen, Senior Developer Stian Ellingsen Senior Developer
Sondre Benjamin Aasen, Tech Lead Sondre Benjamin Aasen Senior Developer
Sondre Rolandsen, Developer Sondre Rolandsen Technical Operations Manager
Kjetil Baksaas, Developer Kjetil Baksaas Developer
François Savard, Creative Director François Savard Creative Director
Susann Bye, Junior Designer Susann Bye Junior Designer