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Journey Agency is a digital marketing agency in Oslo and Stockholm, specialising in web development for major Norwegian and international companies.

With a website developed by Journey Agency, you get a site that is:

  • Time-saving
  • Professional
  • Cost-reducing
  • Growth-promoting
  • The key to business success

Web development by Journey Agency

Your website is the core of your business. It should reflect your brand, be easy to use, and encourage action and sales. Let Journey Agency take care of web development for you, and we’ll make sure your website is in tip-top shape – front end and back end.

Journey Agency has a long history and deep expertise in web development and, most importantly: a solid portfolio of client cases. Contact one of our advisors for more information.

What is a web developer?

Web development is very complicated for most people, and extensive knowledge and expertise are required to understand the complex infrastructure of the world wide web. To be a good web developer, you must be an expert in various programming languages, coding and web solutions. 

We’re always hiring web developers – get in touch here:

Creative Director Francois Savard in the office

What is web development?

Website (or web) development is the work involved when creating or maintaining a website. It can be as simple as setting up a single static page, or a much more complex process, like creating web applications, setting up an electronic business, or building a social network service.

Basic web pages can be created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A web developer should master these three programmatic languages at a minimum, but there’s usually more involved in web development.

What makes a good web developer?

A good web developer is an expert in designing innovative, user-friendly and robust web solutions. This requires specialist expertise in two areas: web technologies and interaction design.

Web technologies are a set of methods and standards for coding and programming that enable the development of high-quality web solutions. Interaction design is a large field that includes techniques for user-centricity and user-friendliness, creative concept development, project management, design standardisation and aesthetics.

Can I develop my own website?

You can easily do part of the web development yourself without being a trained web developer. There are countless online courses, blogs and free tools that offer great tips and advice. Learning how to script different programmatic languages takes time, so be patient. 

Basic web development consists of creating web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Master these three, and you’ll get a long way.

…or let Journey build your website

The vast majority will still benefit more from using an external partner for web development.

Contact us today for more information and a non-binding chat about what we can do for you.

Expert knowledge of web development

For web development, simplicity is not necessarily the best thing. Yes, the website should be easy to use and navigate, but strategic and complex development is often required for a seamless solution.

When you outsource web development to the expert web developers at Journey Agency, your website will be:

  • Responsive
  • User-friendly
  • Search engine optimised
  • Cost-effective to operate
  • Easy to navigate

A well-developed website, which is user-friendly, looks good and has quality content can lead to increased sales and more visitors. With extensive experience in web development and UX design, our developers can help you with this. 

We can also help you optimise your website for search engines so that you rank higher in the search results in Google and other search engines. This is crucial for better visitor numbers and conversion rates.

E-commerce development

Responsive design

A responsive website means that the website is adaptable to all devices and screen sizes. This gives the same user experience, regardless of whether the user visits the website via mobile, desktop or tablet.

User-friendly website

Getting a professional developer to set up a website doesn’t mean that it becomes less user-friendly. On the contrary, our developers are experts in finding solutions that are adapted to the customer’s needs. Our goal is to make it easy to set up new landing pages, publish articles, edit content continuously, and add images.

Optimising for Google

Journey Agency are experts in search engine optimisation, which is the common thread in everything we do. Our developers work closely with SEO consultants, so you get a website that facilitates organic visibility.

Cost-effective to operate

We primarily use user-friendly platforms such as Shopify and WordPress. These platforms require little maintenance, which makes your new website affordable to run.

Easy to navigate

In line with responsive design and SEO, the websites we set up are easy to navigate. This makes it easy for visitors to find what they need and the admin to run the site.

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Journey Agency has a long history, extensive experience and a wide portfolio of satisfied clients. How can our web developers help you?

Journey and web development

We have assisted many of our clients with web development. We can take over all or part of the web development and optimise the website for your product and brand. We have also developed several integrations and platforms, such as enabling your customers to create an account or a “my page”.

Our web developers work with these languages ​​and platforms, among others:

  • HTML5 / CSS, Javascript / Ajax, and PHP
  • All types of APIs (REST / JSON, WebServices, etc.)
  • MySQL, MsSQL, MariaDB, etc.
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Squarespace
  • Umbraco CMS
  • WooCommerce, a WordPress e-commerce plugin
  • Magento 1.0 and 2.0, for larger online stores / e-commerce
  • Shopify, for smaller online stores

We can help you build a website from scratch or further develop and optimise an existing page.

Our developers assist with the design and development of responsive and search engine optimised websites, as well as mobile applications for Apple iOS and Google Android. We master a wide range of programming languages ​​such as and PHP, and work with well-known CMS solutions such as WordPress and Joomla, as well as online store systems such as WooCommerce and Magento.

Satisfied clients who have used our services

Since 2004, we have delivered innovative web and mobile solutions and carried out webdevelopment for larger Norwegian and international companies.

We have previously worked with web design, web development and search engine optimisation for clients such as Coca-Cola, Sony Playstation, Warner Bros., Manpower, Full Tilt Poker, Crown & Champa Resorts, and Stubhub, a part of Ebay. However, we also do smaller consulting assignments within mobile and web development for small and medium-sized Norwegian and Swedish companies.

See what our customers say:

“Journey Agency is an important partner for Uno-X Energi, and has created good websites for several of our resellers. The websites are stylish, responsive, and most importantly they are visible. Journey Agency is good at search engine optimisation and makes sure that the web pages appear among the top hits on Google search that we think are relevant.”

Thomas Engebretsen Bezier, Marketing Manager, Uno-X Energy

“Bærum Plastikkirurgi needed help to increase visibility in Google and on social media. After Erling and his team came into the picture, we have more user-friendly websites, a greater online presence, and not least more customer inquiries. We thank and bow to them”

Jarl Bunæs, Head of Clinic, Bærum Plastikkirurgi

“Norges Rytterforbund chose Journey Agency as a partner for our new website due to their cutting-edge expertise in the area and competitive prices. In addition, we received a high level of service and an innovative team that quickly became acquainted with complex issues and challenges. It has been an efficient, orderly and, not least, pleasant process.”

Sissel Finstad, Marketing and communications manager, Norges Rytterforbund

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