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A good design can be one of the most valuable attributes of your brand. At Journey we love to partner with our clients to help them build a meaningful brand that carries their values.</div>

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Reputation really is everything. Over 70% of potential customers start their journey with you from a Google search and just 1% of those look beyond the first page.

At least 92% of people won’t buy from a company that has a negative review online. Let’s use that to our advantage.

Fresh content and a sparkling new design go a long way to making Google happy and directing customers’ attention to where you want it to be. Let Journey make you stand out for the right reasons.


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What is brand managament

Brand management is all about managing the perception of your brand. This involves improving tangible and intangible elements of the brand:

  • Tangible: the product, the design, the look
  • Intangible: experiences, relationships, feelings

With effective brand management, you can increase the perceived value of your brand.


Why brand management

The goal of brand management is to increase the value of your brand – or what is called brand equity. Having high brand equity is associated with numerous benefits. Here are two significant ones:

  • Strong brands tend to have loyal customer bases.
  • Strong brands can often sell products or services at higher rates than weaker brands.

It doesn’t matter whether your brand is a product or service. With effective brand management, you can build better relationships with your customers, and you may eventually increase revenue.

How to do brand management

You want to improve your brand to ensure customer loyalty and revenue, but where do you begin? Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Set goals and analyse the current perception of your brand

You need to start by setting goals. Where do you want to be in a year or five years from now? Are you happy to grow your current customer base, or do you want to target a different segment?

Furthermore, you need a good understanding of the current perception of your brand. Is it considered a strong brand? Is your brand recognition where it should be? Do people actually know you?


2. Improve tangible and intangible aspects of your brand

You can improve the perception of a brand in numerous ways. As mentioned, you can enhance the tangible aspects of the brand. This means improving or changing the product or service itself. For instance, you can change up your design and go for a more high-end look.

Moreover, you can try to associate the brand with a certain demographic. Do you want to be a brand for young people? Then you need to find a way to speak to them on their terms.


3. Work with different types of brand management

Brand management can be done in a number of ways. You can work with ads on social media. If you do, it’s important to know which social media the customers your want to reach are currently using. The average age on Facebook and Snapchat is increasing, while the young have moved on to platforms like TikTok.

Another type of brand management is content marketing. The purpose of content marketing is to create valuable content for your potential customers. The ultimate goal is to increase conversions, but users might seek out your content without buying anything. Content marketing is a great way to increase brand equity. For instance, funny posts on social media might enhance the perception of your brand as playful.


4. Remember that brand management is a continuous process

Brand management helps you reach the customer segments you want, enabling you to build strong relationships with them. But brand management is also a process that never stops. You need to monitor the brand's perception and find new ways to keep the same brand image.


Why work at Journey

We can help you with brand management

Are you tired of being your own brand manager? Get in touch with us today. We work with brand management as well as other types of marketing. Our goal is for you to reach yours.

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We want to your long-term partner to online success. That's why we aim for quick, monthly results over a long period.

  1. Get in touch with one of our Account Managers and have a chat about where you want your business to go next.
  2. You get assigned a Customer Experience Manager who puts together a dedicated team determined to make you succeed online.
  3. Your marketing-savvy Journey team get to work.
  4. We regularly show you the results of our work together and make adjustments to help you reach the next step.
  5. We keep on smashing goals on our journey together.