Design and brand management

Design and branding

Take the step from anonymity to a brand. Journey helps your company with designing websites, logos & visual profiles, ads and content for social media.

Graphic design strengthens your brand and gets the attention of your target group. We capture what separates your company from other companies, making that unique trait visible to new and existing customers through design. 

Your brand identity

At Journey, design is always a part of the goal – whether the goal is increased visibility, more traffic, bigger revenue or all three of them. We help you turn your business into a brand that your customers trust.

Journey designs:

  • Websites
  • Logos & visual profiles
  • Ads
  • Content for social media

Journey Agency will help your brand get attention, conversions and traffic. Let us do the design and branding for your business.

From anonymity to a brand

We’re all about the journey in our agency. The journey your company is on with us. The customer journey your clients are on. 

With Journey Agency, your company can go from anonymous and invisible to a recognisable brand. We want to be your companion on that journey. 

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Go on an adventure with Journey!

What jobs do we take on?

At Journey Agency, we take on one-time jobs and long-term contracts. Some clients just want us to give their website a makeover. Others need ads for a new product they’re launching. Many clients need design and branding as a part of a larger marketing mix. 

What clients do we work with?

Journey Agency works with big and small companies in Norway and Sweden. This includes everything from local businesses to international players. We know the digital landscape in Nordic countries and how to succeed online. We look forward to helping your company with design and branding – or other fields in digital marketing. 

Who are we?
Journey Agency consists of 50 bright minds in Oslo and Stockholm – and we’re still growing. We have designers, content producers, developers, account managers and project managers in our ranks. By combining multiple fields, we offer you a holistic marketing adventure.

We combine design and branding to make you visible. Get the attention of your target group, and take the step from anonymity to brand!

In digital marketing, it’s important to use design strategically. This leads to more traffic, more customers and better revenue. Contact us to start your journey towards business success. 

What can be designed?


Websites that convert. Our websites turn visitors into loyal customers. We help you convey what your business can offer and what you stand for through graphic design. We design websites that are modern and aesthetically pleasing that fit your business profile.

In addition, our design makes your site user-friendly and creates a clear customer journey. At Journey Agency, graphic design and UX- and UI design go hand in hand. 

Logo and visual profile

A logo can distinguish the visible from the invisible. Companies don’t grow big because of their logo, but the logo is always a part of strengthening the brand. A great logo reminds the world that your business is there. Existing and potential customers recognise the logo when they visit your website. 

Your company doesn’t need to be Google for the logo to matter. Logos are all about telling the story of who you are efficiently. The logo distinguishes you from other companies in the same field. We help you with design, colour palette and profile. 


Ads your clients want to click on. Our Paid Media department makes sure that the right person sees the right ad at the right time. When that happens, the ad must hit the mark. Journey Agency designs ads that convert. 

We do ads for Google, Facebook and Instagram, in addition to other social media and search engines. Our ads have clear messages; they catch your target group’s attention and put your brand on the map.  

Content for social media

Content that stands out in the feed. Our designers and SoMe-advisors will tell your story on social media. What type of company are you? This is something many companies have a hard time communicating – we help you break the code. 

Our designers and SoMe advisors are ready to make you visible. We help you define your target group and how you will reach them. It’s also essential to have a seamless visual expression which fits the message. We design the content, images and videos that grab attention.

Design: We create the content that gets attention

A well-designed web page fulfils its intended function by communicating a message and simultaneously engaging the visitor. Good web design consists of several factors, such as consistency, colours, fonts, images, functionality, and simplicity – no one wants to order from a messy website. 

Brand identity

The web and brand design goes hand in hand with your brand identity, and many key factors will contribute to how it’s perceived. Great web designbuilds trust and encourages visitors to take action. Your website should be functional, as well as easy on the eyes.

Target group

Something that hits the mark with one target group doesn’t necessarily work well with others. At Journey Agency, we know what type of communication works. 

Get attention

When it comes to design, it’s vital to get attention. At the same time, there needs to be a natural connection between the content and the brand. Why remember the ad if you can’t remember the brand? 

A quick and clear message

It’s also crucial to convey the message as quick as possible. These days, we’re drowning in content fighting for our attention. When people see your content, they need to understand it before they scroll on. 

Content that converts

Journey Agency delivers content that converts – whether it’s a website, ad, or social media post. We do that by grabbing attention and conveying the message quickly and clearly.

Andreas Melsom Vaa, Paid Media Specialist

Branding: A visual profile that tells the story of your business

Being a brand can have multiple benefits. People tend to place a lot of trust in brands after a good customer experience. Even if the customer relationship started with a single purchase, that trust could carry over to different products and services. The benefits of branding are many, and you should consider it if you want to build lasting relationships with your customers.

What is branding?

Branding is about telling your story. People will start associating your company with something other than just your products or services through careful branding. For instance, “company X makes me feel powerful”. There are different ways to do it, but it’s often done through visual and textual communication. 

Visual communication

Everyone knows that a picture says more than a thousand words. Image and text should play on the same team, but the visuals tell much of the story. Through the visuals, you should answer questions like:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you offer?
  • What is unique about your product or service? 
  • What separates your company from other companies in the same industry? 
  • Why should a customer choose you over your competitors?
Journey Agency

Customers and competitors

Branding is also about positioning yourself in the market – both in terms of customers and competitors. Are you the big player with the larger clients? Or are you the startup with the innovative products? 

Partners and employees

Branding affects the third parties your company collaborates with, as well. The brand will also attract a specific type of employee. Therefore, it’s essential to decide what type of competence you want internally and what types of collaborators you want. 

Target group

You always remember the target group  – both in design and in branding. Who is the brand appealing to now? Is this the target group you want to appeal to? If not, what should you do to reach the target group?

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