Website and User Experience

Your product or service will be judged by how it looks on internet. If you don’t do a strong impression through your website or app, you will fail to reach the customer in the way you intend to.  

What we offer

A gorgeous website is about more than just good looks. Your website or webshop can either be a stumbling block or the winning line in the visitor’s journey to becoming your customer.

The Journey Development team makes sure it’s the latter through streamlining the user experience and packaging what you do in stunning wrapping paper that people want to use again and again.



Why you MUST design your website

When a web design is effective, it fulfils its intended purpose: to convey a message and engage the visitor. Excellent web design helps build trust and strengthen your brand identity and guides visitors to take action.

Several factors contribute to good web design: Consistency, colours, typography, imagery, simplicity, and functionality.

Many things contribute to the perception of your website and brand. These are important to keep in mind when designing a website. Creating a great user experience involves making sure the website is optimised for the user and has a high level of functionality.


What our journey will look like

We want to your long-term partner to online success. That's why we aim for quick, monthly results over a long period.

  1. Get in touch with one of our Account Managers and have a chat about where you want your business to go next.
  2. You get assigned a Customer Experience Manager who puts together a dedicated team determined to make you succeed online.
  3. Your marketing-savvy Journey team get to work.
  4. We regularly show you the results of our work together and make adjustments to help you reach the next step.
  5. We keep on smashing goals on our journey together.