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Get help with your digital marketing: Our SEO team gets your site to rank high on organic searches so you can increase your conversions. Journey Agency is a digital agency based in Oslo and Stockholm, and search engine optimisation (SEO) is our core service.

Increased visibility when customers are looking for you: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of making your business more visible in Google.

Our SEO team can help you:

  • Create an effective SEO strategy
  • Make sure your website has the fundamentals to rank
  • Create content that provides an excellent user experience on your site
  • Writing high-quality content that ranks well in search engines

We’ve been doing SEO in Google and other major search engines for years, and we’ve gotten to work with some of Norway and Sweden’s biggest brands. After all these years, our key takeaway is this:

SEO is not about writing for Google. SEO is about creating high-quality content and great user experiences.

SEO is about earning higher rankings in the search results by providing high-quality content.

Why SEO is about providing great user experiences

Google’s primary goal is to help users find the best content on the web. Its algorithms use different metrics to determine what the best content is. It all boils down to users and user experience: 

  • Great content, answering questions and providing a solution to a search query. 
  • Enable users to find your site. 
  • Give users and potential customers information about your products and services.  
Product Lead SEO Caroline Hansson and Team Lead Data/Analysis Daniel Bengtsson in the Stockholm offices

How we work with SEO

We work with all aspects of SEO. Some projects are content-heavy, and others require a technical approach. We work both on-page and off-page. Here are some essential elements of every SEO project:

  • Business and competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Technical SEO
  • Write content for a website 

We make sure users and search engines love your site

Search engine optimisation should not be confused with search engine marketing – or Google Ads if you will. Search engine marketing is about paying Google to rank your site higher in the search results. You bid on keywords, and the placements are marked as ads.

Unlike search engine marketing, search engine optimisation is not paid for; you can’t pay to get higher up in an organic search result. Instead, you need to develop your content and improve your website to earn higher rankings.

You get the best results by ranking high in organic searches.

Journey Agency – a dedicated SEO agency in Oslo and Stockholm

We are a dedicated SEO agency located in both Oslo and Stockholm. We help our clients rank in organic search results to get more customers by creating quality content that Google loves. This makes it easier for customers to find your services.

SEO is about earning a prime position in front of customers already looking for you. For example, if you are a plumbing company in Drammen, you should end up on the first page of Google when someone searches “Plumber Drammen”.

We also offer digital marketing via social media, development, web design, new websites, and much more. Get in touch with us today to implement SEO in your marketing.

Why should you focus on search engine optimisation?

“I’m already visible online,” you might say. That may well be. However, put yourself in the position of your potential customers for a moment and do the following exercise:

Search Google for three words or phrases for which you expect to find your own business at the top of Google. Did you see yourself among the top three searches? Congratulations! Then you can stop reading here. Didn’t it go so well? Read on.

Search engine optimisation is often called the “forgotten marketing exercise”. Many companies pump millions into marketing each year without thinking about the most commonly used way to their website: Google’s search results. But how do you become more visible in Google’s search results? In short, it’s about two simple things:

  • Relevance
  • Authority


Google always aims to present the most relevant search results to its visitors. If you don’t have content that corresponds to what the person is looking for, then you won’t be visible in the search result.

To put it simply: if you haven’t written an article about “chocolate cupcakes”, then you won’t appear in the search result when someone searches for “chocolate cupcakes” – you don’t have the content the user is looking for. If you do not have the content, you can’t get the traffic either.


Search engine optimisation is, however, also about authority. Once Google has selected all sites that match the search query, the results are sorted by how much Google trusts the site – that is, by authority.

Authority is a mathematical expression expressed by how many other websites link to your website. How do you get links from other sites? One way is to write high-quality content that someone wants to cite. 

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Here’s how SEO works

The logic is that the more people who link to your website, the better the content must be – and the more trustworthy or authoritative Google considers it to be.

The more authority Google perceives you to have, the higher your website will rank in the search results. Assuming you have content relevant to what the user is searching for, of course.

Create relevant, high-quality content

Now that you have a good starting point, you can produce relevant content. Keep in mind that if the content isn’t linked from anywhere, the search engines won’t find it. We are happy to solve this by creating an additional menu dedicated to search engine optimised articles.

It can often take 3-6 months for search engine optimised articles to start indexing in Google – search engine optimisation requires patience!

If you want faster results, you can also try your hand at search engine marketing – we usually recommend a combination of both search engine optimisation and search engine marketing.

General tips to improve your search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation must be done in a structured way. You do this by using various tools that measure results and rankings. Below we give you some general tips on how to perform search engine optimisation in a more structured way:

Search engine optimisation must be done in a structured way. You do this by using various tools that measure results and rankings. Below we give you some general tips on how to perform search engine optimisation in a more structured way:

  • If you don’t have the content, you won’t get visibility. Produce quality and relevant content for your web pages.
  • Make sure your article and/or website mention the keyword you want to optimise your content for a sufficient number of times. SEO experts will always argue about how many times a keyword should be used on one page, but usually, we talk about a keyword density of between 1.5 to 2%.
  • Make sure that inbound links to an article, the article’s <title> tag, <h1> headline and general body text all send the same strong signal to Google about what the article is about. 
  • Do a technical SEO analysis of your website. A technical SEO analysis analyses your page structure and the technical structure of your website.
  • Monitor your rankings and organic traffic.
  • Be sure to set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console and use the information you get from these tools to work strategically with search engine optimisation.
Creative Director Francois Savard in the office

Let our SEO team take you a step further

Have we convinced you of how vital search engine optimisation is for your marketing strategy? 

We’ve helped companies such as Manpower, Ikano Bank, Axo Finans, Møller Mobility Group, Uno-X Gruppen, Egmont, Enklere Liv and many more to increase their visibility online. We live, breathe and eat SEO – and are more than ready to help you out. 

We’re located both in Oslo and Stockholm and are happy to discuss how we can help your company with search engine optimisation and digital visibility. Use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

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