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Web hosting and security

Web hosting is essential for uptime, speed, and security. Journey Agency provides fast and secure web hosting services for your website.

At Journey Agency, we specialize in website development and marketing. Often, clients approach us with slow, crashing websites vulnerable to security breaches. In such cases, we recommend switching to our web hosting services.

Why you should switch your web hosting

  • Speed: Slow websites lead to poor user experiences, which can diminish visibility in Google and other search engines. We guarantee fast website performance.
  • Uptime: Website downtime is frustrating for users and even brief periods of inactivity can be costly. We guarantee 99% uptime.
  • Security: Websites with poor hosting are more susceptible to hacking, data breaches, and other security issues. Our servers and websites are protected with DDoS protection, additional firewalls, and 24/7 automatic change log scanning, and are consistently updated.

Switching to our web hosting ensures a fast, stable, and secure website. Contact us if your website is slow or if you are dissatisfied with your current hosting service.

Unstable websites that crash can be costly. The right web hosting provides a faster and more secure website with better uptime.

Benefits of choosing the right web hosting

Here are some advantages of selecting the right web hosting:

  • Faster website speed
  • More uptime
  • Enhanced security

1. Why fast websites are important

Always aim to have your website as fast as possible. Slow-loading websites can lead to visitors leaving before the site fully loads. According to Google, improving load time by just one second can increase mobile conversions by 27%.

Speed is one of the many factors Google uses to rank websites. John Mueller of Google suggests aiming for around 2 seconds of load time. While this may seem brief, slower websites often lose visitors who don’t want to wait.

For a search-engine-optimized website, consider reviewing your web hosting.

2. More uptime can lead to more conversions

While almost all sites experience downtime occasionally, the right hosting can drastically minimize this. Downtime is problematic for any website, but it’s especially critical for high-traffic sites. Even brief interruptions can result in significant conversion losses.

3. Enhanced security protects you and your customers from data attacks

To ensure your website is safe and to protect your customers from data attacks, secure web hosting is vital. Poor hosting makes your site more prone to hacking, data leaks, and other security breaches.

Such attacks are particularly critical if your website contains sensitive information about your business and customers. Data breaches can lead to privacy violations, which are punishable and can result in fines. Secure hosting is crucial if your website handles sensitive data.

Curious about how we can help?

If you’re dissatisfied with your current web hosting or unsure if it meets security standards, contact us for more information or a tailored offer.

We look forward to learning more about you and your needs.

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