Digital marketing

For us, goals are not just fillers in reports. In Journey, we aim for measurable numbers that actually make you successful as a business.

What we offer

What is digital marketing

Digital marketing is a part of digital marketing that focuses heavily on results and data. In short, you measure performance, adapt your strategy to the results, and only pay for specific actions (click, conversions, etc.).

The benefits of performance marketing

Because performance marketing focuses on measurable results, it has many benefits compared to other traditional types of marketing. It’s:

  • Result-driven
  • Adaptive and agile
  • Cost-effective

Performance marketing is result-driven

Performance marketing is all about measuring results and letting them drive the campaign forward. A performance marketing strategy focuses on achieving specific goals – like a certain amount of conversions.

Performance marketing is adaptive and agile

Because performance marketing is result-driven, it’s also very adaptive. You can change your campaign according to your data and your results. Compared to more traditional types of marketing, where you get the results afterwards, performance marketing is much more agile.

Performance marketing is cost-effective

Performance marketing is among the most cost-effective types of marketing. Most often, you only pay when a specific action occurs. For instance, in a cost-per-click campaign on Google Ads, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.


Let Journey Agency help your business grow

The terrain your customers walk is ever-changing. Your customers – potential, new or old – are used to their digital surroundings evolving, and that’s why your relationship with them needs to evolve too.

The Journey team keeps up-to-date with the latest trends in digital behaviour and marketing techniques to capitalise on those changes.

We spot blips, dips and peaks in digital user behaviour and swiftly adapt your paid marketing and SEO content to attract and keep customers.

What our journey will look like

We want to your long-term partner to online success. That's why we aim for quick, monthly results over a long period.

  1. Get in touch with one of our Account Managers and have a chat about where you want your business to go next.
  2. You get assigned a Customer Experience Manager who puts together a dedicated team determined to make you succeed online.
  3. Your marketing-savvy Journey team get to work.
  4. We regularly show you the results of our work together and make adjustments to help you reach the next step.
  5. We keep on smashing goals on our journey together.