Kristian Kjærnes

Operations Manager & SEO Strategist

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Kristian Kjærnes, Operations Manager & SEO Strategist

“If you don’t have the wind in your sail, you can still row ashore.”

Meet Kristian

Kristian has been a part of Journey since our humble beginning and is our company’s first official employee. Closing in on seven years at Journey, he’s gained broad experience in digital marketing, specializing in SEO, ORM, marketing strategy, administration and management. Kristian has a bachelor’s degree in Nautics from the University of South-Eastern Norway and a degree in Multimedia Design and Communications from Copenhagen Business Academy.

As an Operations Manager, Kristian has the overall responsibility for personnel, recruitment and administration, in addition to ensuring that our day-to-day operations run ever so smoothly. He is still actively involved with consulting and advising our clients in SEO.