5 marketing tips for online stores during the startup phase

Have you started an online store, but are unsure about how you should market it? This article will give you some crucial marketing tips during that initial phase of your business.

Elin Helgesen, Content Advisor Elin Helgesen 11 Jul, 2022 • 5 Min. read

We shop digitally

According to Statistical research at Statistics Norway (SSB), we spent around 23 billion NOK in online stores during the first quarter of 2022. Even though this is a slight decrease since Q1 in 2021, there’s no doubt that online shopping is an essential part of Norwegian shopping habits.

Many prefer online shopping from our computer, tablet or phone. The greatest benefit of online shoping is that anyone, regardless of where they live, can make a purchase. But that also means that your store have to compete with every online store, not just those in your local area. That’s why it’s proper marketing tactics is crucial to draw in both existing and potential new customers.

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Marketing tips for ecommerce startups

It can be challenging to know where to begin when it comes to marketing. There are numerous possibilities, and it’s easy to get lost in the “markemting jungle”. Here are our advice for newly launched web stores:

1. Provide user-friendly blog content

Offering relevant and user-friendly content is a fantastic way to market your brand. It can make potential consumers aware that your website exists and introduce the products or services you sell.

Examples of user-friendly content:

  • “How to” articles
  • “Q&A” articles with frequently asked questions and answers
  • Product tests
  • Tips and tricks

2. SEO-optimise your website

An study conducted in 2019 found that more than 50 % of website traffic is generated organically. If you have an online store, you should focus on search engine visibility.

SEO, or search engine optimization, make your online store visible in search engines such as Google. This is crucial in order to tell potential customers that your online store provides the goods and services they require. If you don’t have content for the relevant keywords, you’re not visible online. Make sure that your website is optimised for SEO. 

3. Be present on social media

It’s important to be present where your customers. Comsumers spend frequent time on social media, and being able to offer shopping on these platforms is a good way to connect with your customers and spread the word about your business.

Having a social media store makes the online shopping experience even more user-friendly. If you have an online store on Instagram, customers can browse your products by visiting “your store” on the social media platform. Through social media they are directed directly to your online store. 

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4. User-friendly website

Having exiting products isn’t enough. A user-friendly website is crucial for a visitor to stay in your store and complete a purchase. Customers may click away from the page and buy the products somewhere else if they find the website slow and difficult to navigate, or require numerous steps to complete a purchase.

A user-friendly and intuitive website should:

  • Be mobile-friendly
  • Have a good search function
  • Have clear Call-to-Actions (CTAs)
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Have different options for payment solutions

5. Good customer service

It takes more than just a decent website and interesting products to make your online store visible and draw customers. You also need a customer service. A service-minded service channel is crucial for a positive image. People may even buy from you later as a result of good customer service. 

If customers are particularly pleased with their experience, they may serve as brand ambassadors by telling their friends and acquaintances about it.


Ecommerce marketing briefly summarized

It’s important to keep in mind that having products and a website aren’t enough for your ecommerce to succeed. Consider the full range of digital channels when planning your marketing strategy if you want potential customers to choose you over your competitors.

To keep visitors on your website and encourage them to return, customer service, ease of use, and content are key. They may become loyal customers as well as brand advocates if they see your online store as a place where they can find solutions to their problems, advice, and other helpful material. Last but not least, remember to look after your clients, no matter why they get in touch with you.

Your online store should not only be accessible; customers must also be aware of its existence – which you can accomplish by promoting the store. Be present where your consumers are to help them find you. 


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