Shopify rolls out more than 100 updates to its platform

Shopify has released its Winter Edition 2023 update, which includes some of the biggest and most impressive improvements yet. In this article, we’ll explore new features and innovations.

Erik B 21 Feb, 2023

Shopify is a solution that suits most businesses, regardless of size. It’s easy to set up an online store, move it to your own domain, run campaigns, and monitor sales.

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for Norwegian businesses that run an online store. If you’re eager to set up your own online store quickly and start selling products, Shopify is an excellent solution.

One of the things we love the most about Shopify is that they keep adding useful features at no extra cost to their users. Their excellent e-commerce infrastructure keeps getting better.

Shopify is moving very quickly and frequently releases product and feature updates to the platform. They now have the opportunity to focus more on and expand functions like checkout because they have a very strong fundamental structure. There is no doubt that they are committed to using Shopify Plus to establish a presence in the enterprise market, as evidenced, among other things, by the modifications they are currently making to module-based solutions.

Both medium-sized and large companies should definitely consider Shopify when they eventually have to get away from older Legacy sol

See all the updates here.

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1. One-page checkout

A survey carried out by the Baymard Institute in 2022 shows that a wopping 85% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts without making a purchase. Of these, 17% say that this is due to a too-long and complicated process at check-out. You can drastically increase the turnover in your online store by making one simple change. A seamless checkout should be a requirement if you create your website with an emphasis on the customer journey and experience.

Instead of having to go through three pages of information about yourself, shipping details, and payment information, this will now be gathered on one page. This makes the checkout process significantly more seamless and can help increase conversions in your online store.

2. Custom translations

With the “Translate and Adapt” application, you can increase traffic, improve your website’s SEO, and appear credible to customers all over the world. You do this by automatically translating your website to the market in which you want to sell products.

  • Add, edit, and review translations side by side in the tool.
  • Automatic translations to two languages ​​with Google Translate. 
  • Adapt spellings and expressions to the relevant markets.
  • Locate directly in the tool or through an optional resource page with admin access.
  • Smooth handling of localized store content.

3. AI-generated product texts

Product texts are important for both SEO and for giving potential customers useful descriptions of your products. However, they have never been a favorite among shop owners or content producers. Shopify’s AI tools now create these in seconds.

All you need to do is provide product features and at least two keywords that need to be included – and Shopify will do the rest.

For example – if you sell T-shirts:

  • Organic cotton
  • Good fit
  • Cool design
  • Good quality

4. Commerce components

“Commerce Components” from Shopify allows you to build and integrate your website your way. You can choose from more than 30 modules and create a buying journey that converts. Shopify actually has the world’s highest converting checkout process and uses flexible APIs without restrictions that provide unparalleled user experiences.

New components:

  • Hydrogen – a framework that allows you to build customized websites quickly and efficiently.
  • Lightning fast checkout system that is easily integrated with your existing pages.
  • Storefront with little coding – test out many different elements in your online store without having to change a whole lot of code.

5. Product packages

“Shopify Bundles” are included in your subscription and allow you to easily choose the products you want to highlight in your online store. One of the advantages is that you can direct the user’s focus on new products or products you are struggling to sell. You can also put together gift packages with products that go together, such as a collection of skin care products in a “Spa package.”

This way, you can facilitate purchases for your customers, show them sale items, and improve inventory tracking.

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