What payment solutions does Shopify support?

Do you have Shopify or are you considering using Shopify? Then you might be wondering which payment solutions Shopify supports. The short answer is – everything.

Elin Helgesen, Content Advisor Elin Helgesen 27 Mar, 2023 • 4 Min. read

Shopify has become a popular online store platform on the Norwegian market and is today used by several small and large brands, such as Gymshark, Jan Thomas Studio, and Netflix Shop.

It is not without reason that many people choose to sell their products via a Shopify online store it is flexible, user-friendly, offers many functions, and has everything you need in terms of payment solutions.

Once you’ve put the items you want to buy into the shopping basket and filled in the required personal and shipping information, payment is the only step left. If the store does not have the payment solution you prefer, it’s easy to click out of the online store and go to the competitor.

According to a survey by Nets, as many as 6 percent of customers canceled the transaction because the desired payment option wasn’t available. That’s why it’s important that the platform you use for your online store has the payment solutions your customers prefer.

A sea of ​​payment solutions

If you already use Shopify, you know that you can integrate the vast majority of solutions on the platform. Let’s look at some of the payment solutions you can integrate on your Shopify store.


Another popular payment option is Klarna. By using Klarna’s payment methods, your customers have the option to make payments over an extended period, instead of being required to pay the full amount upfront. This is particularly attractive for products in a higher price class, which customers tend to see as a greater risk to buy.

By allowing customers to split their payments and pay later, Klarna not only provides a sense of security – it also enables you to increase sales by reaching customers who wouldn’t have made a purchase if required to pay the full price upfront.

You can get a complete payment solution with Klarna Checkout on Shopify. This solution includes seamless customer identification and the most important payment solutions: card, bank transfer, or pay later.


PayPal is the default payment method for Shopify. PayPal Express Checkout enables customers to pay for their purchases using a credit or debit card.


Shopify store owners can also use the payment solution Nets Easy Checkout. This solution offers a number of different payment methods, including card payment with Visa, Mastercard and Dankort, PayPal, MobilePay, Vipps, Swish, Afterpay invoice, and partial payment with MobilePay.


Stripe is another payment option, where customers can pay with credit and debit cards at checkout. This can be activated in your Shopify store under “Payment providers”.


One of the most straightforward and widely used payment options accessible in the Norwegian market is Vipps, a “given” for Norwegian customers. Vipps Hurtigkasse provides a quick payment process, and can be integrated with a separate application in Shopify. You need a separate Vipps account that integrates with the app in the online store for this. Once the integration is up, your Norwegian customers can pay without having to enter their infinitely long card number and CVC.

Do you need help with installing Vipps Hurtigkasse? Our Shopify developers are happy to help you.

Vipps Checkout can also be integrated into Shopify as a payment solution. This user-friendly payment option allows Norwegian customers to use Vipps for the entire checkout process, not just the payment stage. Vipps also enables retrieval of the customer’s card information, name, and address directly from the Vipps app.

Shopify Payments – coming to Norway

Another flexible payment method on Shopify is their own Shopify Payments. This payment method is only available in selected countries at the moment, and is not yet available in Norway. It has been reported that it will be launched in Norway, but unfortunately, there hasn’t been announced a time frame for this.

Shopify Payments allows for flexible payment methods without having to spend time setting up integrations from third-party suppliers. By using Shopify’s own payment solution, online store owners can easily accept all the major payment methods without being charged third-party fees.

Is my preferred payment solution available in Shopify?

If you’re wondering whether your desired payment solution is available in Shopify, you can take a look at the page for payment solutions. Get a full overview of the various payment solutions that is available for your Shopify store divided by country. 

Need help with Shopify?

Are you in the process of launching or are already running a Shopify store? At Journey Agency, we have several years of experience with Shopify and are experts in Shopify solutions for Nordic online stores.

Shopify is our preferred online store platform simply because it’s easy to use, flexible, and scalable. If you require assistance with your online store, please don’t hesitate to contact us.