REMA 1000

Increased organic visibility and traffic to the website

REMA 1000 wanted to improve their organic visibility online. Journey helped with an SEO strategy focusing on technical SEO, content production, and link building.


Digital marketing

Customer contact

Marianne Moen, Marketing Manager


2013 – 2014


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Primary KPI

Increased organic visibility and traffic to the website


REMA 1000 is a multinational low-price chain that is wholly owned by Reitangruppen. The chain has a franchise concept, where private merchants operate their stores as semi-independents under the REMA umbrella. REMA buys large quantities of a limited range of goods and offers these to the merchants. REMA 1000 also carries its own brand of food products and has approximately 900 stores in Norway and Denmark.

The challenge

REMA 1000 wanted to increase its online visibility through Google and search engine optimization (SEO). The overall goal was to get more visitors to the website,

Our approach

Journey built a multifaceted SEO strategy, where the focus areas mainly included content production, technical search engine optimization, and building natural, relevant links. Journey assisted, among other things, in creating a recipe bank of more than 500 REMA recipes, in addition to optimizing landing pages for all Norwegian REMA stores. The project lasted two years and was a collaboration between REMA 1000, their marketing agency, and Journey.

Core results

The campaign was a huge success. Even with a limited budget, REMA increased the number of visitors in organic search from 85,000 to 210,000 per month. That represents an increase of 145%. If REMA 1000 was to buy this same level of traffic with Google Ads at a cost-per-click of NOK 5, it would cost NOK 625,000 a month.

Result KP1

145% more visitors from organic searches on Google.

Result KP2

Increase from 85,000 to 210,000 visitors per month from organic search.

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