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Otovo wanted to reach more solar cell enthusiasts, but also wanted to convert "doubters."


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Elisabeth Gathe, Head of Marketing Scandinavia


April 2021-August 2021


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Otovo is a leading solar cell company in Europe. The Norwegian company is constantly growing. At the beginning of 2023, Otovo operated in 13 countries, including Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Poland.

The Otovo platform connects customers to the best certified installers in their local area. Through advanced map data, customers get an estimate of how much of their electricity bill they can save with solar cells. Customers also receive information about where on the roof the solar cells should be placed to be most efficient.

The challenge

Otovo had a complex communication challenge. It was, of course, important to make Otovo visible to customers who wanted solar cells. At the same time, there are many “myths” surrounding solar cells out there. Many people may think that solar cells do not work in Norway because the country is so far north. It was important for Otovo to show that this is not correct – several cities in Norway have more hours of sunshine in a year than cities further south in Europe.

Otovo also needed to reach potential customers who wanted to save money on electricity, but who had not considered solar cells as a solution yet.

Our approach

Journey developed a three-month SEO strategy for the project. The aim was to rank as high as possible during the period and, at the same time, lay the groundwork for good rankings long-term. We chose two sets of keywords: words related to solar cells and words related to electricity.

The “solar cell words” included various phrases like “solar cells”, “solar cell panel”, “solar cells in Norway” and similar. We created articles about the benefits of solar cells in Norway and how the Otovo platform works. The electricity-related keywords, such as “cheaper electricity,” were addressed in articles about the electricity market, prices, and the role of solar cells as a solution for high electricity costs.

Core results

At the beginning of the project, Otovo was not visible for several search terms. The articles written as part of the SEO strategy received good rankings during the first months of the project. By the end of the project, several of the previously “invisible” search terms had made it to the front page.

Before publishing the content, Otovo had 36% visibility on the selected keywords. This means that they were in the top 20 search results for 36% of the search terms. Within the first two months of the project, the visibility increased to 50%.

An important factor was to lay the groundwork for long-term SEO, including working with technical SEO. We worked on meta tags, image sizes, and Otovo’s link profile.

After the SEO project, Otovo continued working with their SEO in-house.

Result KPI 1

 From 36 to 50% of the search terms in the top 20

Result KPI 2

More articles on the front page

Result KPI 3

Technical foundation for SEO

Otovo is market leader for private solar cells in Norway and one of Europe’s leading suppliers of solar cell systems, operating in 13 countries. We received very good help from Journey to structure our SEO work for Otovo Norway and Otovo Sweden until we had built up our own marketing team. This gave us good results until we had an internal team in place to work further with the foundation Journey had built for us.

Elisabeth Gathe, Head of Marketing Scandinavia

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