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Increase conversion rate and lower price per conversion

Ikano Bank wanted to increase the number of applications and reduce the cost per application.


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Yvonne Myhre, Marketing Specialist


June 2020–December 2022


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Conversions & CPA


Ikano Bank started as IKEA’s own bank in Sweden. The bank opened an office in Norway in 1991.

In the private market, they provide loans, refinancing, and credit cards, including products like Ikano Visa, IKEA Card, and Shell MasterCard.

The company specializes in leasing machinery and equipment and offers Coop Business Cards and IKEA Business Accounts for the corporate market.

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The challenge

Ikano Bank needed help increasing the number of applications (conversions) and reducing the cost per application (CPA).

Our approach

During this period, Journey has continuously worked on optimizing campaigns, ads, and organic rankings.

We have carried out a number of A/B tests and account restructurings.

Journey has also worked actively with content and SEO to create effective landing pages and increase the quality score for paid search.

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Core results

Through a number of activities, Ikano Bank has achieved both a reduction in cost per application, as well as an increased conversion rate.

Result KPI 1

 Increase in conversion rate: 62.82%

Result KPI 2

Decrease in cost per application: -38.44%

Yvonne Myhre

We feel well taken care of at Journey Agency. We have confidence in our advisors and the work they do for us. We find that they are adaptable and patient when changes happen to us, which means that we have to change our focus. All in all, we greatly appreciate the collaboration we have had in recent years.

Yvonne Myhre, Marketing Specialist

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