The value of a long-term SEO strategy

Firesafe's products and services can save lives and property. In order to reach the customers, it is important to be visible online.


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Anne Friberg, Marketing Manager


July 2019 –


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Firesafe is one of the Nordic region’s largest total suppliers of fire protection. The company designs, installs, and maintains fire protection solutions for companies, office buildings and housing associations across the Nordic region.

Firesafe has experienced strong growth over several years. In 2021, over 800 employees contributed to generating a turnover of over NOK 1 billion. The company operates in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

The challenge

Firesafe had been working with SEO since 2014, but saw that it had greater potential. By making more of their services visible through relevant keywords, they could reach more potential customers in Google Search.

It was also important to translate Firesafe’s specialist knowledge of technically advanced products into easy-to-understand content for potential customers. Firesafe also needed an SEO strategy to map out the searches potential customers make before switching suppliers.



Our approach

Since starting in 2019, Journey has worked strategically and long-term with SEO for Firesafe in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Together, we have targeted keywords and phrases based on services Firesafe wants to focus on, and problems potential customers need a solution for.

Along the way, we have optimized the content so that the information is up-to-date, that the services/products are presented in an easy-to-understand manner, and that the content includes clear calls to action. The most important thing is to ensure that the content is user-friendly and answers their customers’ questions.



Core results

Since 2019, we have worked with 54 keywords for Whenever we start working with a keyword, it is usually outside the top 20 search results. In June 2022, 46 out of 54 keywords were on the first page of Google (top 10).

One of many examples from the project: Firesafe began a major investment in water mist systems in 2021. Journey published content optimized for the search terms “water mist system”, “water mist,” and similar phrases. On the same day, the ranking went up to 5th place in Google. In other words, Firesafe went from outside the top 100 to the front page in one day. Firesafe is now in the top position on Google for both “water mist” and “water mist systems”.

Result KP1

46 of 54 keywords are in the top 10.

Result KP2

27% more users on the website.

Result KP3

20% more sessions on the website.


Firesafe is a Nordic player, and we need to reach different target groups in different markets with our message. Journey is an important partner in this work. We are confident that they ensure our selected keywords are monitored and optimized at all times, and that we are constantly working on new keywords. Firesafe has a small marketing team, and together with Journey, we still have access to skilled employees, capacity, and resources that make us visible and relevant to potential customers.

Anne Friberg, Marketing Manager

Picture: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

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