I love to work with something that’s both creative and analytical

Caroline Andrea Furu, Content Advisor


Caroline studied journalism at Kristiania University College, and has experience from a number of publications. During her studies, Caroline had an internship at MinMote in VG. She has also worked as an Online Editor in MSN / Microsoft and as a journalist in ABC Nyheter.

Caroline is especially passionate about culture, celebrities and the entertainment industry.

What is a Content Advisor – and what are your most important tasks at Journey?

I work with content production for a variety of clients to increase their visibility on Google and other channels. In my work, it’s a lot about optimizing text and achieving strong rankings in search results. I am also responsible for writing a number of newsletters for our clients, both my own and my colleague’s clients.

Caroline Andrea Furu

Tell us about your education

I studied journalism at the Kristiania University College. Part of the course included taking on an internship and putting my skills to the test. I was lucky and got a place at MinMote in VG. There I could write about fashion and lifestyle, which are two areas I like very much.

What was your previous experience?

Right after graduating, I started working at MSN, which is part of Microsoft. t was very exciting to work in such a large and international company. There I worked with web page editing and content production.

Eventually I started working in ABC Startsiden and later ABC Nyheter. I have always had a nerdy interest in celebrities and entertainment, and at ABC Nyheter I had the opportunity to write about just that topic. I think all online newspapers should have some celebrity and entertainment material to give readers a break from the more serious issues and to reach more target groups.

Caroline Andrea Furu

How did you end up at Journey and what’s the best thing about working here?

I came across an ad on FINN while the company was still called Omega Media, and was interested straight away. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a content production that’s a little more commercial. After some editorial work, I was ready to test a different direction in the industry.

The best thing about working here has to be that everyone has different backgrounds, because then you get a wide field to learn from. I find my work to be both creative and exciting. At Journey, I’ve had very good training and a lot of responsibility within a short time.

My colleagues are absolutely fantastic, and the work environment is relaxed – there is also free chocolate here!

What has been your best (and worst) career moment?

Caroline Andrea Furu

The first thing that comes to mind is that I once interviewed seven famous people in one hour. It was a little scary and stressful, but very educational.

I’m not quite sure of the worst, I think I’ve buried it. But I think it’s healthy to challenge yourself and say yes to things you’re a little nervous about. It is often the case that what you’re a little excited and nervous about is what makes you develop the most.

Which client segment do you like to work with the most?

As mentioned, I’m particularly interested in the entertainment industry, but also health and lifestyle. Actually, it’s not so important exactly what our clients themselves work with, because the most fun is when they themselves see the potential in the work we put in.

How do you see your future developing at Journey?

I’ve had quite a bit of experience, but that doesn’t mean there’s not more to learn. I would like to get better at writing for campaigns, commercials and other advertising. Contributing in what combines both the creative and the strategic is something I find very rewarding.

Caroline Andrea Furu

Do you listen to music when you work and, if so, what?

I usually listen to music in the office. We have some playlists here that I like very much.