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Andreas Melsom Vaa, Paid Media Specialist


Andreas has a Bachelor in International Marketing from the University of South-Eastern Norway. His final year was completed at California State University Channel Island, where he had an internship at Google. After his studies, Andreas has worked with online stores such as Sunbelt Massasjebad and, with responsibility for programmatic marketing and social media.

Andreas is a self-proclaimed gamer and takes his job as seriously as a video game (read: VERY seriously).

What is a Paid Media Specialist – and what are your most important tasks at Journey?

I do paid marketing, which means that I set up ads according to customers’ wishes, track conversions and sales, and optimize the campaigns according to what works over time. At the same time, it is important to know the customers’ specific target groups and analyze the data we collect over time.

Andreas Melsom Vaa

Tell us about your education

Andreas Melsom Vaa

I have a bachelor’s degree in international marketing from the University of South-Eastern Norway. I was an intern at Google there, and participated in the Google Online Marketing Challenge for an organization for mental health.

How did you end up at Journey and what’s the best thing about working here?

I came across an ad on LinkedIn, and it immediately looked like a cool place to work and a place where I could really thrive. At the same time, the position seemed like a perfect match; this is a subject I’m passionate about.

At Journey, I have the opportunity to learn from others with great knowledge in the field, at the same time having a team to lean on when the job offers new, unfamiliar tasks. I also have the opportunity to learn from a much broader professional environment than just paid marketing – because here there are people working with many different areas of digital marketing.

What has been your best (and worst) career moment?

The best has to be when I managed to increase the turnover of one of the companies I worked with by over 100% in just one day, with just one ad.

The biggest flop is probably that I managed to crash an entire website when I entered a code. A bit of a crisis, but luckily we found out pretty quickly.

Andreas Melsom Vaa

Which client segment do you like to work with the most?

Of course, I want to learn more from my colleagues, and I’m really looking forward to setting up larger campaigns by working strategically with a bigger perspective. look forward to doing more long-term, large projects with good strategies.

Do you listen to music when you work and, if so, what?

I rarely wear a headset, and mostly listen to the music played in the office. I focus well with some background music, but I prefer to be available and present to my colleagues at all times.