Anders Wiig Letnes

CXM & Content Advisor
Anders Wiig Letnes, CXM & Content Advisor

“I love to help others and I love to write. At Journey I get to do both”

Meet Anders

Anders has a master’s degree in Media Studies and a bachelor’s degree in Literary Studies from the University of Oslo. He has worked as a proofreader for the magazine Bok og Bibliotek alongside his studies. Anders has also been a writer and cultural editor in PRESSET. at the Department of Communication at the University of Oslo.

Anders has two roles in Journey: Customer Experience Manager (CXM) and Content Advisor. As a CXM he’s responsible for our client’s success and happiness. That includes being a project lead and coordinating work internally at Journey. As a Content Advisor, he’s responsible for our client’s SEO and content strategy, in addition to writing quality content.